The american curl cat breed is prominently known for its distinguishable feature of its curled back ears. The American Curl’s uniquely shaped ears is an actual mutation and has no effect on its hearing ability. This affectionate cat loves to frolic, run and explore and will maintain these behaviors for most of their lives. They love to climb and jump, hence a home with good quality cat trees will appease their need to always be on the go. They tend to show their fondness by bunting their head and rubbing their cheeks against its pet parents and family.

They are a great feline for kids and grown-ups who enjoy a lively household. They can also very easily reside with first time cat owners or retirees, thus brightening up the home with its boundless energy. American Curls are a regular sized cat between 7 to 10 pounds with a slender physique. They can be long or short haired and don’t possess an undercoat, making grooming manageable. These felines also comes in a variety of colors and patterns due to outcrossing with other domestic breeds. American Curls acquire its distinct curled back ears at the age of four months. Prior to four months they can resemble any typical domestic breed.

Therefore, pet parents will typically attain ownership of a kitten after this time frame due to the attractive sight of the curled back ear feature. American Curls are also a strong and robust breed that rarely becomes ill. They don’t have a propensity for genetic diseases or physical disorders. One thing to note is that this breed should get regular medical check-ups on their ears to ensure that their ears are healthy. Grooming sessions should constitute a plan of examining the ears for wax build-up and other potential ear-related problems. These beautiful cats get along well with other pets and adapt easily to any environment that offers lots of opportunity for exploration. American Curls were first discovered in 1981 when two kittens were placed anonymously at the doorstep of Grace Ruga of Lakewood, California. The astonished owner was captivated by the curled back ears of the kittens and eventually decided to make her residence their home. Due to an unfortunate accident only one cat had lived on to produce offspring. In 1991, the american curl cat breed then became established by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).