When most people think of pets, the first think that comes to mind is ‘This animal is cute/exotic, now what is this going to cost me in time and money?’ Owning a pet may not be all hard work and time commitments (cleaning, time for attention and possible training, costs for food, vet bills and licenses). It’s just a matter of perspective. Who wouldn’t want a dog who would protect you and give you genuine love? Or a cat who would purr peacefully in your lap (the ultimate stress reliever) as well as keep you home free from rodents and bugs? Pets can enhance our lives in more ways that we ever thought possible. Below are some benefits of having a pet.

Health Reasons

Reduction in stress levels – Pets can reduce your stress level which in turn can work to lower your blood pressure, anxiety and other such physiological ailments. Stress relieving activities can include gazing at an aquarium full of coloured fish, walking and playing with your dog, cuddling your cat, hamster or rabbit and playing with your bird or guinea pig.
Lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels – By walking your dog and chasing around your cat, this gets your heart pumping and better blood flow which keeps heart disease at bay.
Allergy prevention and better immunity – Having pets when you are a kid will aid in you developing less allergies. It is known that kids who grow up in farms who are constantly around animals have no allergies. The dander from the animals act as a natural immunity.

Emotional Reasons

Pets give unconditional love – I’m sure that your well-fed pet goldfish will agree to this as well! Dogs and cats are always happy to greet you when you come home after a day at work. They know they are going to get fed, petted, given attention to and that someone is going to play with them or take them for a walk soon.
Never have to feel lonely – Your pet is always there to play with, talk to and just hold. They may sit beside you when you are watching TV. and even sleep on your bed. Be careful that they don’t hog your pillow though! Your constant companion is also known to fill an empty home when your kids move out or if you separate from your long-time partner. Just knowing someone is depending on you to care of them will give you a great sense of purpose and make you feel more valued as a human being.
Can help you socialize – People who walk their dogs end up meeting other dog walkers in their neighbourhood. They even meet other non-dog who compliment them and admire their pooch. On a positive note, owners get to socialize, keep up with news in the community and make friendly conversation.

Can teach responsibility to young children – Owing a pet involves feeding, cleaning, and keeping their animal physically and mentally healthy. Kids can take part in performing one or two of these tasks on a daily basis as a way of maintaining a certain level of care for their pet.

Physical Reasons – Cats and dogs alike are privy to unusual sounds in and around their home whether they are inside or outside and will display territorial behavior. Let that be a strange meow or a nervous bark/growl from a dog. Dogs provide great personal security when you are walking them on the street and protect your home. Burglars hate loud dogs, big and small alike.

Benefits of Having a Pet Summary

Overall, the benefits of having a pet can definitely outweighs the cost of having one. We soon realize that once we let a pet in our life, we couldn’t understand why we didn’t take up the opportunity to bring one into our life sooner. The benefits of having a pet far exceed the time needed to care for a pet.