One of the benefits of being a cat owner is that you get to play with your cat. Not only are you spending quality time with your feline but you are participating in keeping your cat healthy and active, and you both are having fun in the process. The benefits of playing with your cat include providing exercise for your cat which is important in keeping it physically strong, and of course, mentally happy.

Cats Love to Hunt

Cats by instinct love to hunt. It’s inherently built in their DNA. When you play with them in a manner that stimulates this basic need, they won’t be mentally bored and depressed which can lead to overeating and obsessive grooming. Interactive games that mimic hunting, would be throwing a rubber ball cat toy around your house for them to run after. Be sure to have a couple of balls for throwing because they can get stuck in corners, tight spaces and under your bed or sofa where your cat can’t easily run to. Another interactive hunting game is to tie a bunch of fake feathers or a thick ribbon at the end of a long wand like stick to imitate a bird. Swing it in the air and bounce it off the floor so that your cat thinks it is an actual bird. Give your cat a chance to stalk and hunt the toy, and after a couple of minutes let your cat finally attack or catch it. It is important for them to feel as if they had a successful hunt.

One on One Time

Engaging in one on one activity with your cat can also help it relieve aggressive and undesirable behaviors. Aggressive acts such as loud and demanding meowing, ankle and body nipping and other such unique bothersome behaviors are just extensions of your cat having bouts of excessive energy. This overabundance of energy is natural for cats and just needs to be released in a calm and positive way. Even the simple act of softly petting your cat, scratching their head or rubbing their cheeks will help them relax and eliminate any tension.

Healthy Exercise

Naturally, cavorting with your kitty on a daily basis will aid in keeping it at an ideal weight for its age, size and breed. A cat that is obese is subject to a host of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart and respiratory illnesses, which can all be preventable Regular jumping, pouncing and running helps to keep your feline’s muscles toned and limber, and also makes them feel more confident, knowing that they can jump ever so high and can catch their prey (cat toy) when they are playing with you.

Reduce Stress

Having your cat participate in playful activity will help it reduce any built up stress or stress that they may be feeling at the current moment, let that be loud noises nearby or feelings of boredom or isolation. Even though cats are independent and will often find a way to keep themselves entertained, they still need interaction. As with humans, stress can trigger illnesses in cats as well, and in some breeds more than others. Therefore one way to keep your cat mellow and cheerful is just to provide them with an outlet for exercise and enjoyment.
Playing with your cat also works twofold as well. As a pet parent we get to let go of the stress of a long work day when we focus on our friendly feline(s). This can take the form of chatting with our kitty, dancing around with them, rubbing their soft, furry tummies and taking pleasure in a romp session with them. Our cat’s purr can also put us at ease if we are in an upset or sad state. The soothing sound of a purr has been known to relieve mental and physical tension in humans.

Benefits of Playing with Your Cat Summary

What a better way to build a unique bond with your feline than to play it. We all experience joy when we see our curious kitty run after rubber toys, its other housemates, or leap in the air at the sight of ribbon or perform hilarious and outrageous acts. With constant play and interaction your cat may just become closer to you, where you will find them sitting beside you on the sofa, bed or anywhere else that they claim as their territory. You will find that there are many benefits of playing with your cat.