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Cats warm our hearts in many different ways, but although they are cute and cuddly, owning one comes with a few downsides. One of the most common problems is a stinky litter. Nobody likes a smelly litter, not even the cats themselves. Although this problem can be managed by cleaning the litter regularly, the most convenient solution is buying the best cat litter for odor control.

But buying a good litter is easier said than done; it can be hard to choose with so many options available. Fortunately, this guide will tell you what you should look out for when shopping for odor control cat litters.

Cat Litter Material

Cat litters can be made out of different materials. They include clay, clay hybrid, natural, and crystals. Some litters can also be made out of a combination of different materials. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.


It is the most common material for making cat litters. It is the cheapest and its clumps are quite strong, allowing them to hold a lot of moisture. On the downside, clay is quite heavy, smelly, dusty and tracks rather easily. It is a favorable material for cat owners looking for pocket-friendly prices.

Clay hybrid

Additives such as baking soda, crystals, and plant extracts can be combined with regular clay to help in aspects that clay may not be favorable in. These type of hybrid litters combine the traditional qualities of clay with a unique touch.

Silica Crystals

Silica litters are the best at absorbing odors, are scent free, can absorb high amounts of moisture and are extremely lightweight. However, these specialized qualities come at a cost: The litters are very expensive. Apart from being environmentally unfriendly, they can also pose health risks if consumed in large quantities. So if your cat is constantly chewing on the litter, it would be best to avoid ones made from silica.


If you care about the environment, there are a variety of litters made from biodegradable materials including pine, wood, soybean, recycled paper products, wheat, etc. Some of the materials may perform well in clumping ability, odor fighting, and moisture absorption while others may not. These types of litters are favorable for environmentally conscious cat owners who may be willing to compromise on other aspects.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Comparison

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How Well the Litter Clumps

Clumping litters will make life easier for you and your cat. They usually react with cat pee to form hard lumps that are easy to scoop out during cleaning. Cats also like the feel of most of these clumping litters. Semi-clumping litters will combine with the cat waste but won’t form hard, solid clumps. These may help to absorb odor but will be a lot difficult to remove during cleaning.

There are litters on the market that won’t form clumps at all. All they do is mask the odor until the litter box is exhausted. Although they are cheaper and are low maintenance, they are not effective in odor control. Cleaning is also hectic as it involves dumping out the entire litter and refilling the litter box.

Clumping speed is important to consider when looking for the best cat litter for odor control. The quicker the clumping speed, the less time there is for the ammonia to escape into the room. Clump hardness is also important since soft clumps may break open during cleaning and release horrible odors.

Kitty Litter Tracking

There’s nothing as frustrating as finding soiled litter around the house. If there is to be any odor, it should be limited to the litter box. A litter with high tracking will stick on your cat paws and, invariably, find its way all over your home. Litters with small, light granules will stick on your cat more easily. Bigger-sized granules are, therefore, more preferable for reduced tracking.

Before Buying Cat Litter

Stick to one brand – As much as switching to a better option may sound convenient, cats are creatures of habit. Your cat may find it difficult to switch from one brand of litter to another. So unless it’s absolutely necessary, always aim for consistency.

Cheap is expensive – Cheaper litters can be quite attractive, but you may find yourself compromising on aspects such as clumping ability, odor control, and tracking.

Your cat’s comfort is important – no matter how effective the litter is, it won’t bring you any joy if your cat is constantly fussing around and meowing whenever they have to use it. Choose something that your cat is comfortable with.

Kittens may need special treatment – What may work for an adult cat may not do as well with kittens. For instance, fine-grained litter may pose health risks for young kittens since they can easily ingest the fine particles.

The cat is the final judge – You may spend a lot of time seeking advice from experts and other users on what cat litter to buy, but it will all be pointless if your cat won’t go for it.

Sometimes the litter is not the problem – If your cat is avoiding the litter and choosing to relieve itself elsewhere, it could be sick, and you should consider visiting the vet as soon as possible.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Reviews

best cat litter for odor

1. World’s Best Cat Litter Formula Review

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  • Easy cleanup
  • Easily odor control
  • Effective clumping

  • Tracking litter
  • Can’t handle large fluid volumes
  • Big clumps

The cat litter formula is unique and effective in keeping your house fresh. It’s made using natural materials including wood grains, corn kernel. The elements form a perfect hard clump for easy disposal. They also absorb liquid that causes unpleasant, smelly odor in your house.

World best litter is non-scented, but the wood and corn particles help in eliminating odor from cat feces and accumulated ammonia smell.

The materials clump faster making you scoop and flush the cat litter easily. Do you own a couple of pet cats? World’s best cat litter is perfect for multiple cats. The product is friendly to cats, humans and the surrounding. Furthermore, the product is 99% dust free.

The malt cat formula comes in a 28 pound sealed bag. You should always keep the bag sealed. Despite being able to clump quickly and its ability to control odor, its corn material is light and can easily track out of the box.

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best cat litter for odor

2. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter Review

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  • Amazing odor control
  • Contains antibacterial properties
  • Offers effective clumps

  • Very dusty
  • Sticky
  • Slightly pricey

Ever clean unscented cat litter provides solid clumps that grab cat waste and prevents the formation of bad smelly odor. The cat litter is compost of clay clumps beside fighting bad orders for long. Its carbon plus odor elimination technology together with the tight clumps ensures your house remains refreshing and pleasant. The activated material bonds and mixes with litter granules to mask smell cat waste.

Ever clean design can handle the toughest odors effectively. Its materials can clump tightly, and excellent eliminate odors from multiple cat litter boxes. The product is suitable for poorly ventilated areas in homes or apartments.

Ever clean unscented is formulated with antimicrobial agents, which fights and prevents the growth of bacterial agents. The pathogens can invade the litter boxes making it produce unpleasant odors on cat waste. The extra strength unscented litter is tolerable to sensitive individuals (those allergic to perfumes).

Unscented ever-clean litters have a nice size, which is easy to carry and store. It is available in 20 pounds bag. You need only to make your order to keep your house clean and comfortable.

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best cat litter for odor

3. ARM AND HAMMER Clump And Seal Litter Review

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  • Easy to clean
  • Offer amazing tight clumps
  • Locks and kills odors

  • Poor tracking
  • Need frequent cleaning
  • Performance reduces after a few days

This cat litter offers an impressive 7 days odor solution to your home. It’s manufactured from plants, minerals and wood fibers. The naturally available raw materials help in forming strong clumps for easy cleaning of cat litter box.

Furthermore, they absorb moisture resulting in micro granule clumps around the cat waste. The natural seal cat litter offers a 100% dust free experience, and it comes in an 8-pound bag.

This product is suitable for small cat owners as well as those with busy litter boxes. It offers an environmentally friendly odor solution with the use of baking soda to kill odor inside the cat litter box. The unique odor eliminator provides extra strength for 7 days. This litter makes your house odorless and refreshing.

The scent of the product resembles natural wood particles. It’s a perfect alternative for smelly artificial fragrance, which causes an allergic reaction to you and your cat.

However, the cat litter is light, and your cat can easily track some of the litter from the cat box. Besides the messy little feature, cleaning the ARM and HAMMER clump easily especially at the beginning of the 7-day period when the clusters aren’t that tight.

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best cat litter for odor

4. Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter Review

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  • Neutralizes faces with ease
  • Dust free
  • Acceptable clumping

  • Mild tracking
  • Doesn’t handle urine perfectly
  • Waste goes through the product quickly

This cat odor solution is an amalgamation of Purina tidy cats and glade tough formulation. The two offers an amazing odor solution to your home. Tidy Cat Glade tough odor solution is manufactured using clay, and it comes in 23-pound boxes, 14 and 20. The product also comes in 40-pound jugs and 35-pound pails.

Purina tidy cats neutralize odors and keep your cat’s litter box and your entire house fresh. On the other hand, glade tough clumping technology eliminates strong scents, which can be disturbing to you, your family or your even guests. The cat litter forms hard, tight clumps that prevent moisture and keeps your cat’s litter box dry.

Moreover, Purina tidy cat litter is 99.6% dust free. Its formulated in 3 different versions and includes Glade scented, instant action and a four in one strength odor solution formula. The tidy cat litter is perfect for litter trays placed in living or bathrooms because they are the most visited places in the house. Never the less, Purina tidy cat box can be placed at any anywhere in your home. Purina is designed explicitly for multiple cats.

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best cat litter for odor

5. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Amazing Ultra Cat Litter Review

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  • Hypoallergenic
  • All natural odor control
  • Dust free

  • Needs frequent changing
  • It’s sticky
  • Only ideal for sifting or mechanical litter boxes

You will love Dr. Elsey’s cat formula. The ultra-cat litter is made using heavy granules and medium grain clay. The litter materials form a tight clumping that traps moisture that can find its way to the bottom of the cat box. In addition, the clumps formed prevents tracking.

Dr.Elsey cat litter naturally eliminates odor by keeping the litter box dry. It’s ideal for multiple cats owners in small apartments and homes. With Dr. Elsey’s cat clumping litter you don’t have to worry about smelly rooms or cat boxes.

The ultra-cat litter uses an effective clumping formula that can save your precious time, which you would have wasted to clean and scrap your bad smelling cat.

The formula is non scented, 99.9 % dust free and hypoallergenic. This means that the clumping litter is safe for your cat. Allergic reactions can cause your cat to scratch itself.

What kind of cat litter box do you own? Well, Dr. Elsey’s cat ultra-clumping litter is suitable for use for those that own mechanical or sifting cat boxes. The formula comes in 18 or 40 pounds.

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Best Cat Litter for Odor Summary

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best cat litter for odor control. This article has outlined some of the important ones including material, tracking, and clumping. But what you ultimately choose will depend on your personal preference and, most importantly, your cat’s comfort. Consider all factors deeply and determine what you deem vital when shopping for a cat litter. Have a budget in mind, but don’t forget that cheap is expensive.

Finding the best cat litter for you and your pet will be a process rather than an event. Ensure you check out online reviews before settling on a brand, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes during purchasing; it might take a few trials before you get the perfect litter. Finally, all factors considered, your cat should be the final judge on which litter is the best to buy.