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If you have a cat for a pet, then you definitely need to consider getting one of these best cat litter mats. It can be quite frustrating when cats drag their litter trails from the cat litter. There are numerous types of litter mats out there, but not all are effective. Some still leave traces of litter from the cat’s paws.

What you need is a quality mat that takes litter off the cat’s paws and prevents trails of litter all over the house. Below are what you need to know when purchasing the right cat litter mat. It will be of help to you if you can follow this guide keenly before buying one to ensure you end up with the best cat litter mat for your cat.

The Type of Litter Box

The litter box type that you possess plays a crucial role in deciding the kind of cat litter mat to buy. There are many types of litter boxes out there. From front entrance litter box, top entrance litter box, high sided or low sided litter box that is completely covered. You need to take into consideration the type of litter box you have before picking a litter mat.

If you have a low sided litter box or a top entry litter box, you would want an extra-large mat. At the same time, most people actually prefer bigger litter mats. Larger litter mats trap more litter. A large mat or an extra-large mat is appropriate for bigger cats. These mats go for about 20 to 30 inches long, but you can still get larger jumbo side litter mats in case you have more than one litter box.

Ease of Cleaning

Other than cleaning the litter box, you will also be needed to clean the litter mat once in a while, and you have to put it on your to-do list. You, therefore, need a litter mat that is easy to clean occasionally. Generally, double layered rubber mats require less maintenance than top layered litter mats.

Top layered mats have grooves and spouts that allow litter to collect on the bottom layer which can then pour back into the trash or litter pan. Double layered mats also allow you to add a thin absorbing pad on top of the bottom layer to absorb any litter the cat might have on the mat. They are easily washed and can be dried by air. Single layered mats can be cleaned using a vacuum or sweeping out dry litter.

You might also consider purchasing a mat that doesn’t have a thick absorbing microfiber if your cat is prone to urine discharges. Nylon stitching litter mat could also cause a buildup of urine that cases a foul smell.

Look and Color

The looks and color of the litter mat is a factor to be considered for not only you but also for the cat. Cats tend to be very choosy about what they use on a daily basis, therefore, picking a mat that your cat would find suitable to use would be an important decision. You could get a litter mat with more colors if it’s a PVC litter mat. If it’s a rubber mat, ensure it has a few single solid colors. Some litter mats even have logos that are cat-friendly and have a more elegant look.

Nevertheless, you can pick the most suitable color for your litter mat based on the carpet color, flooring type and the cat’s preferences.

Best Cat Litter Mat Comparison

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Warranty of the Product

Warranty is another important factor to check when buying a cat litter mat. Products with longer warranty are more durable. Most warranties on cat litter mat are of 30-day guarantee service. Some litter manufacturers put additional guarantees of up to 90 days. A few have a lifetime warranty, and therefore such options would be the best to consider.

Hair Length

When choosing the right litter mat, you should consider the type of cat you have. Long haired cats are more likely to have stuck litter on the fur on the sides and bottoms of their paws. Short haired cats, on the other hand, are more likely to remove more litter out of the litter box. If you have a long haired cat, choose a grabbing type litter mat that pulls off litter from the furs of the cat. If you have a short-haired cat, a multi-layer litter mat would be good for you since it focuses on trapping litter from the cat’s fur.

Litter Box Location

The size of the litter box will also determine the type of mat you will purchase. Your litter box may be in a huge area like an open room or a small area like a closed off closet. This would enable you to get the right size of the mat and the shape as well. Most cat litter mats can be cut easily using a utility knife to fit a specific space. But then you may interfere with its ability to hold water and may sometimes leak on the sides. The best place to keep your cat litter mat would be at a spot that has one exit path to avoid spreading litter.

Other essential factors of the right litter mat are:

  • Thicker layer of material to tolerate clawing and scratching
  • Ability to capture litter and contain it in a stitched lining around the periphery
  • Non-slip bottom surface to reduce slipping when the cat walks on it
  • Resistant to moisture and can absorb minor urine accidents

Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews

best cat litter mat

1. Easyology Jumbo Litter Mat Review

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  • Can fit two litter boxes
  • Heavy-duty rubber back
  • Catches more litter than most mats

  • Need to hand wash
  • Not pee-proof
  • Drying takes a while

This Litter Mat is the biggest one available on Amazon right now, measure 47” x 36” the mat is big enough for two litter boxes. The mat is 100% cat-friendly and toxin free as the mat is independently laboratory tested toxin free. The mat is both Phthalate free and BPA free.

As it is the biggest litter mat on Amazon, the Easyology Jumbo Litter Mat can easily fit two litter boxes, hence catching more mess that comes from the litter box. Easyology’s patented technology in their litter mats is advertised to catch up to 37% more litter. The size of the mat allows it to leave a wide border around the two litter boxes and being able to catch a lot of the mess that comes from the litter box.

The mat’s woven fibers are designed to be soft and keep a cat’s paws clean, meaning that there’s going to be no litter coming for the cat’s paws while it’s walking around the house. The mat also has a rubber back that allows it to stay in place all while not staining your floors.

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2. Blackhole Litter Mat Review

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  • Easy cleaning
  • Waterproof
  • Traps litter well

  • Not one piece
  • Too small for some
  • Strong rubber smell

The main selling point of the Blackhole cat litter mat is its innovative, dual-layer design. The top layer of the mat features a “honeycomb” design, which allows litter to just fall through the mat and stay in between the honeycomb layer and the solid rubber bottom layer. To empty the litter from the mat, simply spread the two layers apart and let the litter fall back into the litter box for reuse or into the trash for disposal.

The mat also has a soft, non-toxic surface that is soft on the cat’s padded feet, making it easier for the cat to go in and out of the litter box. The honeycomb layer catches all types of cat litter whether it be clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets. The mat comes in three different colors, beige, dark grey, and green.

The large mat is also considerably easy to clean and is also completely waterproof as the rubber used in the mat make it easy to wash with soap and water. However, upon receiving the mat one may notice a relatively strong, new rubber smell. To eliminate the smell, simply leave it out to air for a few days.

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3. iPrimio Large Litter Mat Review

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  • Catches litter well
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Great size for one litter box

  • Need to hand wash
  • Can’t handle urine
  • A bit pricey

Similar to the Blackhole mat, the iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat uses a honeycomb pattern for their mat to catch litter from the box and from the cat’s paws. The holes in this mat, however, are slightly larger than most mats. The mat is also advertised to be fully waterproof and allows for pet owners to put a pee pad underneath the top layer for the cats who may miss the litter box.

The mat can also be cleaned using a vacuum, using water, and simply just shaking all the litter back into the litter box or into the trash. While the mat is great at trapping litter, it does not perform on the same level when it comes to urine. Even with a pee pad in place, the urine smell does tend to stay and may require intensive cleaning and washing to get rid of.

Overall, this mat does everything as advertised. It works great to catch litter and is relatively easy to clean, however, one may run into problems if the cat decides to pee on the mat.

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best cat litter mat

4. Smiling Paws Litter Mat Review

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  • Catches and keeps litter on the mat
  • Doesn’t absorb the urine smell
  • Large Size

  • Vacuum to clean
  • Too large for some
  • Needs regular cleaning

The Smiling Paws Pets Original Cat Litter Mat is truly a heavy duty mat. Weighing in at 3.6 pounds, the mat will definitely hold its place on the floor. This durable mat is made of a scratch proof material that won’t tear or rip when being shaken, scratched by the cat or when it comes in contact with liquids. The mat has a no groove design meaning that most of the litter will stay on the mat and won’t be pushed around or seep into that mat itself.

The mat is completely waterproof, having a double layer liquid seal on the back as to not absorb urine and the odor that comes with it if the cat pees on the mat. The mat does exactly as advertised and keeps litter on the mat, however, it can make cleaning a daunting task as shaking the mat will not do anything to take out the litter. The best way to clean this mat is to use a vacuum as it’s the best way to get all the litter off the mat.

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best cat litter mat

5. Pawkin Litter Mat Review

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  • Elegant design
  • Catches litter well
  • Non-toxic

  • Difficult to clean
  • Has a strong rubber-scent
  • Need to hand wash

The Pawkin Litter Mat is a large mat, measuring 35″x23″ inches and is great for trapping litter in a large area. The mat comes in an elegant looking design that matches well with interior decorations in a house. The litter mat is advertised as being softer than most mats, which makes it easier and more comfortable for a cat to walk on the mat.

Since cats are more likely to walk on the mat due to its softer texture, the mat is also able to get all the litter that gets stuck on the paws of the cat. Using PVC materials in the mat makes it resistant to most liquids, and paired with the non-slip back, the mat can stay odorless while also staying in place.

The mat is independently laboratory tested non-toxic, so there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the health of the cat using this, however, although the mat does its job in catching litter, it’s very difficult to clean it. Shaking it does not remove the litter as advertised and more often than not pet owners would need to use a vacuum to clean the mat.

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Best Cat Litter Mat Summary

Cats are fascinating pets to have at home. Their cleanliness, therefore, should be your key concern. Cats can be messy and leave behind litter that can leave dirt on your floor carpet or furniture. It would, therefore, be important that you get the best cat litter mat for your cat. You cat might use the litter mat three to four times a day so having a mat that effectively tracks litter would be beneficial in keeping your house clean and free from odors.

Therefore, depending on the type of your home you can use this guideline to find some of the best features you need when looking for a cat litter mat. It helps you understand what you need to check when picking from the best cat litter mats.