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Veterinary experts estimate that all mature cats have a total of 30 teeth. If you own one of these animals, sometimes taking care of all of these teeth can be a challenge considering that you need to keep them clean on a regular basis. What you need is one of these best cat toothpaste products.

Luckily, there are various cat toothpaste available in the market that you can safely use on your pet. These products are specially formulated for cats, and some are even infused with flavors like meat, fish or chicken to make them more appealing to the animal.

If used regularly, cat toothpaste can protect your pet from various oral diseases including life-threatening periodontal conditions caused by bacteria and germs. When choosing an appropriate toothpaste for your pet, you need to ensure that it’s comfortable and doesn’t have any negative side effects that may make the cat to suffer in silence. Other key factors to consider when choosing the best cat toothpaste include the following points.

Cat-friendly Ingredients

The ingredients found in your best cat toothpaste matter a lot, since they determine whether the product will be effective in cleansing or not. Preferably, go for a tooth cleanser with coconut oil as one of the main ingredients, it’s an organic alternative that contains approximately 50pct lauric acid found naturally in the substance. What’s more, it has a pleasant taste and most cats actually seem to like it. As the owner, it’s highly recommended to get a good toothpaste with compounds that your cat genuinely approves of.

Another favorable ingredient to consider is dextrose, which is a simple sugar that’s chemically identical to glucose and promotes balanced pH levels in your cat’s mouth to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that may cause oral diseases. Likewise, glucose oxidase is a cat-friendly ingredient produced by some species of beneficial fungi and insects and used as an antibacterial agent that helps to destroy oral bacteria.

On the other hand, there are some harmful ingredients you need to watch out for since they can do more harm than help to your cat. One of them is ethanol, which is often added as an antibacterial agent in some toothpaste, but when your cat consumes too much of it during brushing then it could potentially suppress their central nervous system (CNS), and lead to serious health effects over the long term.

Another potentially harmful ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate the soft tissue in your cat’s mouth and cause painful sores. Even though it’s a popular antibacterial agent, when used in your cat toothpaste it can sting especially if your pet has a bleeding-gum condition. Other ingredients not recommended are essential oils like peppermint and clove.

Best Cat Toothpaste Comparison

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Compare the Benefits of Different Products

It’s wise to check what other cat owners are saying about different cat toothpaste brands before making any pick, the best way to do this is by referring to online reviews. Check out whether the product worked for most users, and also the benefits that each specific cat toothpaste brand has over the rest.

Always go for pastes that are designed for cats only and not multi-purpose for all pets, since they tend to work better than the latter. Similarly, ensure that your product has been approved for use by relevant veterinary authorities. You definitely don’t want to brush your cat’s teeth with a cheap and generic toothpaste, containing unknown compounds that may cause harm to your pet’s mouth.

Additionally, nowadays there are modern toothpaste uniquely formulated with non-foaming agents, that don’t require any rinsing after the brushing has been done. They are suitable for owners who run a busy lifestyle schedule, and only have a minimal amount of time to clean their cat’s teeth.

Another benefit to look out for when doing your research is, whether the product is capable of neutralizing bad breath and odors that may be coming from your cat’s mouth. Including the ability to remove and prevent plaque buildup.

Likewise, check whether the toothpaste is available in flavors that your cat will find attractive such as beef, fish and chicken. This will make it easier for you to approach the animal for brushing without it resisting. Remember that your ultimate goal is not only getting your pet’s teeth cleaner, and having healthier gums and good breath, but also ensuring that your pet is relaxed and comfortable during the brushing process.

Types and Function of the Toothpaste

Basically, there are two types of cat toothpaste which include; the enzymatic and antiseptic toothpaste. Enzymatic options are great for preventing tooth decay in animals, they contain synthetic enzymes that help to break down plaque and bacteria naturally. Likewise, they can speed up other chemical reactions within the paste to help keep your cat’s mouth clean. Most of them contain lactoperoxidase-enzyme as the main ingredient which works to promote dental health, though others may also have glucose oxidate.

On the other hand, antiseptic cat toothpaste are also helpful in killing harmful bacteria in the animal’s mouth. They can root out microbes from the cat’s dental system without you even having to use a brush, simply apply the antiseptic gel directly to the animal’s gums and wait for it to work its magic. They also promote dental health by ensuring a neutral pH in your animal’s mouth, as well as promoting healthy gum tissue.

Best Cat Toothpaste Reviews

best cat toothpaste

1. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit Review

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  • Tips are made of ultra-soft nylon
  • Denta-C content removes bacteria
  • Small in size to suit mouth of cats

  • Has eye itching effect
  • Slightly pricey
  • Not suitable for larger breeds

It is a popular dental kit that is complete and it is suitable for both kittens and even adult cats. It is designed in a way that it can accommodate a small mouth. The oral care toothpaste contains ingredients that help to prevent the appearance of dental diseases that can ruin the health of the cat. It makes the daily routine of brushing the teeth of the cats very enjoyable.

The bristles of the toothbrush are very soft and they inhibit damaging of the gums of the cat. The toothpaste contains ingredients that do not pose health threats to the cat after using.The dental kit is very efficient, and it can leave your cat with fresh breath as well as healthy teeth and gums. The rubber massagers have the ability to remove the plaque and the tartar around the gums.

The content of the toothpaste is proven and tested by experts. It contains Denta-C which helps to get rid of bacteria that may lead to infection around the gums and between the teeth. The dental kit comes in full package and it is quite affordable. It comes with manual instruction on how to take care of your pet oral care.

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2. Enzadent Pet Toothpaste Review

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  • Natural sugar taste
  • Plaque removal
  • Easy to use

  • It is a bit pricey
  • Create a habit of stealing
  • May upset cat stomach

Enzadent Pet Toothpaste is a popular brand that has poultry taste and it makes your cat enjoy oral care routine on a daily basis. The toothpaste contains triple enzyme systems that are efficient in the removal tough plague around the gums and on the teeth.

The toothpaste is design in such a way that it does not foam but it suitable for cats that hate drinking water in the morning. It does not involve rinsing of the mouth with water after use. The ingredients found in the toothpaste are tested and proven by professionals veterinarian to be safe even if the cat has swollen it. The ingredients do not pose a health threat to your pet.

The sweet tasting makes the toothpaste to be palatable for pets. The package is usually accompanied by finger brush in order to offer efficient services to your cat. The product is very simple to use and you will not experience any hassles while using it. It has the ability to remove the plaque around the gums and even on the teeth effectively.

The paste is suitable for brushing the teeth of both kittens and adult cats. In case you have other pets like dogs, it can also be used.

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3. Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste Review

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  • Does not result in the nasty smell
  • No foam formation
  • Suitable for both young and adult cats

  • Some cats may resist the smell
  • Slightly pricey
  • Ingredients can upset the stomach

This toothpaste formula for cats that has antibacterial properties and it can help to get rid of any bacterial build up along the gums. The content inhibits build of plaque around the gums and even on the teeth.

It does not form any foam during brushing of the cat teeth and it is the reason why it can be swallowed. It does not have any negative affect on the stomach of the cat after swallowing. It contains certain flavors that make the cats love it. The products are usually of high quality and are tested to be fit for pet use by experts.

It is manufactured with different flavors in order to make it be highly palatable. The common flavors include beef, chicken, vanilla and seafood. It does not result in any form of smell after using but it leaves your cat with fresh breathes. The product is quite affordable since it is sold at a low price. To some extent, the ingredients may have some side effect to the stomach of certain breeds of cats.

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best cat toothpaste

4. Paws & Pals Toothpaste Review

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  • Gets rid of bath breathe
  • Soft bristles toothbrush
  • Can be mixed with different flavors

  • Some cats may resist the flavors
  • Expensive to purchase
  • Ingredients can upset the stomach

It is the most amazing toothpaste for the cats and it helps to keep the oral hygiene of the cat great. It usually comes in full package and therefore, there is no hassle of buying other accessories like a toothbrush.

The toothpaste is effective in cleaning the teeth and also the removal of plaque on the gums of the teeth. It has ingredients that foster healthy gums and teeth. The toothpaste has the capability to getting rid of bad breathe from cats and even dogs. It makes the cat feel refreshed. It can be tricky to use the product since it does not have any different flavors.

The toothbrush has soft bristles hence they can remove the plaques from the teeth without hurting the gums. It is the best product to consider using for your cat and even the dog. It has a powerful cleaning agent that can make the teeth of your cat very white and appealing. The ingredients found in the toothpaste have no impact on the stomach of the cat after using.

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best cat toothpaste

5. Oxyfresh Dental No Brush Gel Review

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  • Removes bad breath
  • Enhance healthy teeth and gums
  • Cleans teeth effectively

  • Difficult to brush cat teeth
  • Slightly pricey
  • Contains some artificial ingredients

Oxyfresh Dental No Brush Gel is an ideal product for oral care routine for cats. It makes the teeth and gums of the cat strong as well as healthy. Suitable for kittens and cats since it does not reactive with sensitive skin.

The gel has the ability to remove tartar on teeth and prevent the development of plaque around the gums. It also helps to fight bad breath and the toothbrush do not hurt the gums instead it soothes them. It is simple to use the gel since you can use your finger to apply it on the gumline. The toothpaste has natural ingredients that help to protect the teeth from dental diseases.

The gels are odorless but they contain sweet taste so that they can make it easy for brushing the teeth of the cats. It does not have any impact on the stomach of the cat after use. The product is tested and approved by a veterinarian to be safe for any pet not only the cat but also the dog.

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Best Cat Toothpaste Summary

Nowadays, owners can find special cat toothpaste that are formulated specifically for use by the animal. Nevertheless, since cats can’t spit like humans do it’s important to find a product with safe ingredients that aren’t toxic to the animal. It’s recommended to go for tested and approved cat toothpaste brands that have already been verified to be safe for use by veterinary experts, don’t go for generic brands since you don’t know the content of their ingredients which may be harmful to your cat.

Additionally, you should conduct an online research to check the various advantages and disadvantages of different cat toothpaste brands available in the market, which shall help you make an informed decision by picking a product that’s both healthy and effective on your animal. Similarly, it’s good to know which types of toothpaste are available for use, and how they function to keep your cat’s teeth clean. The two most popular types of best cat toothpaste products available in the market today are enzymatic and antiseptic toothpaste.