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The market is flooded with numerous kitten wet food varieties which can make picking out the right one an uphill task. In a bid to help you separate the wheat from the chaff in a sector rife with below-par options, today we shall be unraveling a few pointers to picking out the best kitten wet food.

High-Calorie Count

As a general rule of thumb, go for a wet food selection with a high-calorie count to account for the massive energy a kitten spends every day. Compared to adult cats that are more laid back, these little furry bundles of joy like to explore and are very adventurous so they need to get the calories they need to fuel their playful nature.

The number of calories present in a meal is directly tied to the fat content of the wet food; those with a large percentage of fat provide more calories while those with lower fat shares provide considerably less energy. You should, therefore, go for the former category.

Low Carbs and High Protein

The other rule of thumb is that good kitty wet food should have an abundance of protein as cats are obligate carnivores which basically means that they require animal protein to get by and flourish. Plant-based proteins will simply not cut it for the feline species. What’s more, an excess of carbohydrates will lead to future health complications so if you’d like to nip such issues in the bud, your best bet is high-protein, low-carb wet food.

One might argue that carbs provide energy hence a good kitty food should have a higher content of the element but science dictates that kittens, and cats at large, draw their energy needs from proteins rather than carbs. This is due to an inefficient digestion of sugars as their digestive tract is devoid of any sugar-breaking enzymes. So, the carb content should feature towards the lower end of the content scale.

Wholesome Meat Products

Wet kitten foods incorporating byproducts such as beef or commercial byproduct are a definite no-no because they bring little to the nutrition table. Basically, they are just filler products tailored to give your cat that satisfactory full feeling without essentially offering any significant contribution growth wise. Those based on genuine meat products, on the other hand, have much to offer and this will be evidenced by a description on the label which states exactly what the product is good for- e.g. “good for urinary tract system”, “kind to kidneys” or something along that line.

Best Kitten Wet Food Comparison

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Brand Longevity

It’s also important to find out how long a certain wet brand of kitten food has been around for as this is not only an indication of longevity but also quality. Companies who have a long-standing reputation as an experienced supplier should be your go-to selections as more often than not they have perfected their job so as to survive so long in a market suffocated by competition. New brands crop up by the day and it would be prudent to do your due diligence first and steer clear of the extremely new varieties on the cat aisle that you aren’t too sure about.

Another reliable stamp of quality is the platform of sale. If a said brand can be found on reputable stores and trustworthy online platforms such as Amazon, then chances are it tows the line of what these stern retailers are looking for. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll pick out great kitten wet food in the dark alleyways of suspicious and little-known retail websites or stores.

Choose the Right Brand

When buying kitten wet food, you should also be looking towards the future. A good brand encompasses a wide array of various cat foods each suited for a particular stage of your cat’s development. It is advisable to stick to a single brand from kittenhood through to adulthood so as to ensure a seamless transition of feeding from one phase of growth to another which is not the case when you hop from this brand to that every now and again.

In a nutshell, you should be picking out a brand for life so it’s vital that you get one that offers a plethora of choices in all categories so that your cat will not get bored of meal times and will always have something new to look forward to. It’s easier for a kitten to adapt to meal changes within the same brand than to get used to brand changes altogether.

Consult your Vet First

Sometimes excellent wet food with countless rave reviews might seem like the best choice on paper but essentially it might not necessarily be the right pick for your cat. It is therefore important to get your vet’s input on the matter before you make any purchase. Let him/her evaluate the specific health needs of your kitten so as to determine if kitty should even be eating wet food in the first place.

If your vet gives you the green light, it is also likely that any advice given will be accompanied by a specific list of the criteria to abide by for your kitten. Most of the time though you’ll have nothing to worry about with wet foods. In fact, professionals have recommended an averagely-priced wet kitty food over a premium or high-end dry food.

Best Kitten Wet Food Reviews

best kitten wet food

1. Wellness Grain Free Kitten Pate Review

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  • Low magnesium content
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Easy to digest

  • Wet diets require refrigeration
  • Small quantity per can
  • Low quick energy ingredients

Wellness is the biggest kitten food manufacturer in North America and The Chicken Fate is one of their best kitten feeds. The wet kitten diet is designed to keep your kittens hydrated every time they have a meal. The kittens have a low thirst drive but their playful nature creates a high need for moisturized food to keep them healthy. This is offered in plenty by every helping of the Wellness wet kitten Pate.

Wellness also uses natural protein-rich ingredients in manufacturing kitten feeds. They do not include meat by-products used by other manufacturers which have a lower protein and fatty acid value. They use Chicken, Chicken liver and Chicken broth to make the diet tasty and healthy.

The safety of wellness diet consumption for the kitten is also assured. The ingredients do not include any steroids and hormones. This allows kittens to grow naturally. The meal also supports urinary tract health of the cat through a low dietary magnesium content. The introduction of fresh cranberries and blueberries also supplement the urinary tract health of the kittens.

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best kitten wet food

2. Instinct Grain-Free Wet Recipe Kitten Food Review

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  • Suitable for very young kittens
  • Uses Organic Chicken
  • Contains eggs and Salmon

  • Harder to clean up
  • Small quantity
  • Expensive to satisfy grown kittens

This is an organic chicken based wet dish for kittens. It contains natural protein-rich ingredients which are good for muscle generation and growth in kittens. Without grains, picking and swallowing for kittens is easy with quick digestion which delivers more nutritional value.

Instinct focused on ingredients that can deliver energy quickly and safely for kittens. Grain such as corn, potatoes, soy, and wheat are the main cause for sensitivity reaction in the digestive tract of cats. This kitten feed does not pose a sensitivity reaction threat making it safe for pets younger than 20 weeks.

Instinct uses natural DHA which is good for the brain and eye development of the kittens. The main ingredients include uncaged chicken, beef liver and salmon all of which are tasty and highly nutritious. Since all the ingredients are natural, the chances of contracting urinary tract infections are reduced

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best kitten wet food

3. Purina Fancy Feast Wet Kitten Food Review

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  • Has a complete balanced diet
  • Whitefish is tasty to kittens
  • Uses natural preservatives

  • Uses artificial flavors
  • Kitty may not like the texture
  • Uses artificial preservatives

Unlike The other brands, Purina’s kitten food diet uses ocean whitefish as the main ingredient. Cats naturally love the taste of fish better than chicken. Whitefish is also soft and easy to nibble at with a high nutritional value in both proteins and fatty acids. Kittens feeding on a fish meal have faster muscle and brain development.

Purina has a very high protein content supplied by the fish meal ingredients, beef liver, and eggs. These feeds have both natural and artificial flavors fully vetted for kitten safety. They are important in keeping the feed healthy until the time of consumption. They have a longer lifespan with exposure at room temperature as compared to those without preservatives. Purina also uses flavors to make the meal more delicious for the kittens.

Purina Whitefish kitten dish also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and D3 supplements. Purina also uses natural milk in the manufacturer to give the kitten feed an attractive taste full of vitamins, proteins, and calcium for growth and development. This makes the whole dish a balanced diet for a kitten.

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best kitten wet food

4. Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Wet Cat Food Review

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  • Rich in safe carbohydrates
  • Has no artificial preservatives
  • Uses antioxidant-rich fruits

  • It contains grain ingredients
  • Unsuitable for kittens under 20 weeks
  • Takes long to digest

Unlike the other protein centered kitten Feeds, The Blue Buffalo Gourmet Contains carbohydrate ingredients. The carbohydrate sources are Rice, Barley, and Oats which do not cause sensitive reactions as is the case with wheat and corn. This makes the feed good for both daily energizing which the cats need. They get a fast and safe growth and development from these protein ingredients.

This kitten feed uses chicken, beef liver and eggs as the main protein source. It is combined with garden vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruits for vitamins and immunity. These vegetables and fruits are a great urinary tract health booster for kittens. With Blue Buffalo, a cat has a combination of all the natural ingredients needed for both short-term and long-term health making this kitten feed a holistic meal for all kittens up to 52 weeks of age.

Despite having a complex collection of ingredients, Blue Triangle Gourmet has a very simple structure for kittens digestive tracts. It is delivered wet without artificial flavors and preservatives for more safety. The carbohydrates do not include corn, wheat, and soy which are harder to digest.

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best kitten wet food

5. Wellness Core Grain Free Kitten Food Review

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  • Has a boosted protein content
  • No artificial flavors
  • Contains immunity boosters

  • High price
  • Exposed dishes need refrigeration
  • Grown kittens need large portions

This is a very unique protein rich kitten feed from Wellness. Unlike the other feeds that use chicken liver only, Wellness core utilizes turkey for the highest possible amino acid benefits for kittens. The meal has more amino acids and fatty acids making it a natural growth booster for kittens. It has no steroids and hormones. It also contains a raw portion of DHA for eye and brain development.

The meal contains berry supplements with the reduced magnesium content. Magnesium is the main cause of urinary tract blockage and infection in pets. This is a safe ready to serve a meal from wellness. The main ingredients are turkey and chicken liver. It also contains antioxidants to boost immunity in the kittens. It is softened for easy swallowing and digestion by the youngest cats.

Unlike the other Wellness products, Wellness core has a boosted protein delivery with turkey and salmon ingredients. The feed also contains Omega 3 dietary supplements from the natural fish ingredients. It has all-natural ingredients with no grains for more safety for the young ones.

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Best Kitten Wet Food Summary

The cat aisle can be a vast and puzzling minefield if you are an inexperienced shopper looking to determine the best kitten wet food for the fluffy new addition to your family. However, armed with this checklist of what to look for, the task shouldn’t be that daunting anymore. Your selection should hinge greatly upon providing the right elements required by a growing, vivacious kitten whose primary goal is to play, sleep and expend energy in any conceivable way possible.

All the important nutrients required by a kitten have been highlighted herein and this information should also be outlined on the cover or ingredient’s list of every top-notch product. Wet kitten foods pose a host of benefits as they are, for instance, great for picky eaters and underweight cats as they will encourage pets to eat more.

They are also excellent for those kittens suffering from dehydration as the food’s composition is mostly made up of water. Finally, wet foods are beneficial to cats of all ages so they are certainly a good food choice for your pet.