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Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Are you looking for the best vacuum for cat litter? If you are a cat owner, then you know why having the best vacuum for cat litter is important for keeping your home clean and litter free.

However, with several vacuum cleaners in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed picking the right one. While many vacuums for cat litter come with lots of promises, do they deliver? Your answer is as good as mine. Most don’t.

This is why you need to be keen when picking an ideal vacuum for cat litter. The good thing is that you can find a cat-friendly vacuum cleaner that can handle litter perfectly. So, what do you consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner?

Here are some of the top 5 features to keep in mind when deciding which best vacuum for cat litter to buy.

Suction Power

How effective is the vacuum in picking cat litter? Depending on the demands of and the number of pets in your house, the suction power could vary. If you own multiple pets, then you might need to vacuum often which means that you should consider a product with excellent wattage to deliver a suitable power.

This means that you need to assess whether the machine can pick litter and make your home clean. You don’t want to buy a vacuum that will take you a whole day cleaning your house. If you need a powerful vacuum, then you should consider a machine that can run 1400 watts, but a 500 watts machine is an excellent option for a small handheld device.


The portability of the vacuum is also another factor to consider. This is especially important if you are not the only user of the machine. A device with a lightweight of around 2.5 lbs that won’t get you exhausted easily would make a great choice unlike one with 20+ lbs.

A vacuum cleaner with lightweight is suitable because it allows you to maneuver easily even if you lack enough strength. Additionally, it will enable you to reach all the areas in your home hat you need to clean plus emptying the device is also very easy.


While the vacuum cleaners could differ in terms of suction power, color, shape, size or other features, the durability has to be exceptional. You don’t want to waste money buying a vacuum that will wear out in only a few months.

Although most vacuums which don’t last long are cheap, they are expensive in the long run because you will have wasted money in having to replace it.

Furthermore, if you have pets, then you definitely need to clean your house often which implies that your concerns should go beyond portability and suction power. You need a vacuum that is reliable and will last you for a long period.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, make sure it is durable and has a warranty. While most manufacturers have your concerns in mind and include warranties, some of them don’t and could cost you in case the device gets damaged due to manufacturer’s defects. So, to save yourself from headaches and wasting money, always consider models with at least 5-year warranty

Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Comparison

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Corded or Cordless?

Do you need a corded or cordless vacuum? The choice of vacuum cleaner here will depend on the accessibility of power sources in your house. If you are planning to use the device in cleaning a hall with a single power source, then you should consider a cordless cat litter vacuum.

Even though some vacuums are designed to use cords up to 30 feet, the length might not be enough in some situations. Additionally, dealing with a cord could be time-consuming since you need to plug in the cord to the power source and keep it from pulling out while you do the cleaning. You will also need to unplug and wind the cord once you finish vacuuming.

Some manufacturers include a button that enables fast winding the cord nowadays, but this does not match the freedom that comes with a cordless, rechargeable, handheld device. Although such rechargeable cordless vacuums usually have a lower suction ability, they are easy to use and fast with spontaneous cleanup. Its convenience allows you to get the job done multiple times a day.

Filter Technology

Vacuums are designed with standard brushes for pulling debris from your carpet or furniture, and they could easily get clogged due to the accumulation of cat hair that interferes with operations of the rollers preventing the brushes from spinning until they are removed. Luckily, some vacuums are designed with excellent filter technology that will keep the device operational for longer making it an important feature to consider.

HEPA filters are some of the best in the market, a feature that most vacuums are designed with. The technology ensures that allergens and bacteria remain inside the device once vacuumed, unlike others which lets them out into the air. You should ensure that any vacuum you buy has a HEPA filter or designed with more advanced filtration technology.

Vacuum cleaners designed with a bypass motor are great alternatives. They are built to separate dirt and air thus discouraging dust from accumulating in the filter. This ensures that the machine has a powerful suction when cleaning cat litter that could get heavy. An excellent filter technology also means that your vacuum will last since it won’t get damaged easily.

Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Reviews

best vacuum for cat litter

1. Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

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  • Cleaning path of 12 inches
  • Bagless dirt cup
  • Allows selection of suction

  • Too bulky
  • Difficult to maneuver
  • Is clunky around corners

The Bissell has a lot of accessories such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, and an extension wand. It also has a hose that some of the tools can be attached to for vacuuming under floors and stairs. It also makes it possible to keep the attachments organized and within reach.

The vacuum has a bag-less dirt cup design that is very easy to empty and clean. It has a clean filter indicator that allows the user to know when to clean the interior parts of the machine as well as when to stop the cleaning also.

The vacuum’s suction control allows selection of suction level for different kinds of surfaces, which helps the overall performance. It effectively performs by getting rid of pet hair from the carpet while also vacuuming other debris, both coarse and fine. It is not easily maneuvered so it is preferable to use the hose and other attachments such as a crevice tool for getting into tight areas.

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best vacuum for cat litter

2. Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Vacuum Review

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  • Weighs just 8 pounds
  • Strong suction
  • Designed to clean pet hair

  • Small dirt cup capacity
  • Does not stand on its own
  • No HEPA filtration

A unique feature of the Shark Rocket is the presence of LED headlights at the main cleaning head which helps to brighten up dusty areas under furniture. It also possesses an advanced swivel steering that helps in moving around furniture. This makes turning the cleaner around easier and without much effort. You can handle and make cleaning faster with this vacuum.

In addition to the features is a TruePet motorized brush that performs well on upholstery. It will pick up embedded dirt like pet hair on fabric upholstery. Due to the fact that it has a large suction, it performs well on any type of floor – concrete, tiles or even the bare ground. All it needs is to come in contact with the ground and the work is set in motion.

Also attached to it is a microfiber cloth that wipes the floor clean but if used to clean a large area, will get dirty quickly. It features a design that makes it very gentle on fabrics yet tough on stains.

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best vacuum for cat litter

3. Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum Review

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  • HEPA filtration system
  • High suction power
  • Longer cord

  • Bulky
  • Lack of height control
  • Extremely powerful brush roll

Dyson Ball Animal uses Dyson’s latest Radial Cyclone Technology that increases suction power and traps more dust and dirt. The strong suction and motorized brush bar make it the best for taking off pet hair. For hard floor and delicate rugs, you can turn off the brush-bar. Designed with the Dyson Ball Technology, this vacuum cleaner rests on a ball which allows easy twisting as well as turning around obstacles and furniture. Easy maneuvering makes the whole process a seamless and enjoyable one.

It is perfect for pet hair removal with 270 airwatts of suction which makes it the strongest Dyson Vacuum with the highest suction of the brand. It sucks out dirt in the tiniest of corners and also makes sure you have them properly stored.

Its design features a vacuum base which prompts you when the dirt has reached maximum level. For easy movement around the house and reaching areas of the house far from the socket, it comes with longer cords so that you can move around freely.

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best vacuum for cat litter

4. Dibea Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

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  • 19.7-foot power cord
  • Pivot of 120 degrees
  • Large dirt cup

  • Bulky to carry
  • No maneuverability
  • Not easily moved around

The Dibea stick vacuum cleaner uses a cyclone suction technology and a HEPA system of filtration to clean all the tile floors, hardwood floors and carpet floors in the home. It also makes it possible to choose the type of suction from different suction levels depending on the surface of the floor and the mess on it.

It has a relatively long quick-release cord, large no-mess dirt cup. It also has the ability to stand on its own. For optimal maneuvering, the lightweight stick vacuum offers swivel steering and an ergonomic handle. It also comes with a crevice tool that you can attach to the handheld part for detailed cleaning.

It also possesses a 15 kpa cyclonic-suction pressure. The vacuum does not need a brush-roll to suck up cat litter, dust, and crumbs since it has large suction pressure. The absence of a brush-roll means that there will be no need to worry about a buildup of hair disrupting the vacuum’s performance. The cyclonic suction whirls dust and debris into the vacuum, letting them fall into the 1-liter canister and keeping them away from the motor.

Pressing the release latch on the stick vacuum allows the usage of the handheld unit to focus on the cleaning efforts.

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best vacuum for cat litter

5. Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum Review

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  • 12-foot flexible hose
  • Warranty of five years
  • Large sized dirt cup

  • Slightly cumbersome
  • High center of gravity
  • No storage for attachments

The Shark Navigator has a lot of features that are the solution to several problems of the cordless vacuum cleaner. Advancements in vacuum technology allow for longer battery life, stronger suction, and more flexibility. It can bend completely in half for reaching under tight spaces and for compact storage.

It has a twelve-foot flexible hose that is great when cleaning upholsteries and low flight of stairs which reduces the stress encountered when using a vacuum cleaner with a shorter hose. It can remove pet hairs from surfaces. It’s equipped with a type of brush roll designed specifically for cleaning large debris like cereal, small beads, etc, from hard floors.

Another notable feature is its ability to perform well on both bare ground and carpet which is as a result of its powerful 1,200-watt motor that powers it. It possesses a large “XL” sized bag-less dirt cup that can hold up to three-quarter of dirt, which is ideal for homes that need a great cleaning tool.

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Best Vacuum for Cat Litter Summary

As a cat enthusiast, keeping your home clean and safe should be your primary concern. This is because cats could be messy and could create debris and litter dust on your carpets, floors and your furniture including other remote areas of your homes.

There is no doubt that a great vacuum is a crucial tool for any cat owner. Investing in the best quality vacuum with outstanding features will save you lots of money and time. You won’t have to spend money buying the same device often, and it makes the cleaning process more comfortable.

So, whether your home is spacious, small, carpeted or large, this guide presents to you some of the top features to consider when buying the best vacuum for cat litter. This helps you to understand what to look for in the best vacuum to make a great selection.