The birman cat breed are a pleasure to look at and dote on. Their brilliant blue eyes are captivating and will have you staring at them for lengths of time or however long you wish. This attractive felines are distinguishable by the dark points on their ears, face, legs and tail and infamous white paws. At birth Birmans are white in color and will develop their colored points and markings by 2 years of age. Not knowing these facts may discourage people from acquiring a Birman kitten, being that these attractive qualities is why people desire them to begin with. Birmans are also a breed cat that is known to have a calm demeanor, are sweet and gentle, are quite smart and don’t engage in rough play. They love attention and will communicate with you in a quiet soft voice, yet won’t bother you if you are busy doing household chores or other activities. This beautiful breed has long silky hair that does not mat and no undercoat, hence making grooming an easy task. It is advisable to run a comb through their hair once a week to maintain its luster and softness.

Birmans often get confused with the Siamese because of their stunning deep blue eyes. However, the Birman is stockier and heavier, has a fuller face and a thicker, plush coat compared to the Siamese’s shorter coat. Birmans are also not typically overly active compared to its Siamese twin and will explore more on the level ground instead of climbing on cat trees, perches and higher territories. Due to this characteristic, a Birman can gain weight easily which can lead to health problems, therefore meal measuring should be observed. One way to combat this is to play with your Birman, have them chase balls, teach them tricks since they are intelligent and can learn quite quickly, or purchase interactive toys for them. It also doesn’t hurt to invest in a cat tree or condo just to give them a venue for exercise and also for their own space to lounge and relax. Birmans are a great cat to have for families with kids and other pets and beginner cat owners.

While Birmans are very even-tempered and affectionate they do tend to latch on to one person. These cats are sociable and friendly and will provide you good company after a long busy day or basically anytime that you are home. The history of the Birman is that they originated from Burma and were brought to France. In the early 1900’s, two Birmans male and female, were given as a gift to two sergeants who helped a couple of priests and their sacred Birmans escape to Tibet. While enroute the male Birman passed away, and the female survived and had become pregnant on the journey. In France the Birman breed continued to grow and until World War II nearly wiped the out their existence. Luckily, some hearty survivors preserved and with careful breeding techniques, the Birman cat breed was able to grow its population. In 1965 some Birmans were transported to England and were introduced to the U.S in 1959. In 1966 the Birman cat breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association.