Full of energy, the burmese cat breed will have you laughing and frolicking in an instant. However, the great thing, is that you may not want playtime to end.

Burmese cats are medium sized felines, yet will feel like a sack of potatoes if you try to lift them up. They have a muscular and svelte body that is more of a stockier built. The beautiful Burmese comes in a range of colors from champagne, blue, lilac, red, cream, cinnamon, platinum and fawn. They also have two patterns which are solid and tortoiseshell. Notably, the most recognized color and pattern of the Burmese is the solid sable (deep brown). This sable coat is short and silky and has the tendency to be glossy. You do not even need to groom this feline’s coat on a regular basis. A quick swipe of a comb ever so often is all that is needed to maintain its natural satiny look and texture. This bubbly breed will live a long life and their only known health challenge is that they have a tendency to get gingivitis. Therefore, yearly veterinarian check-ups are necessary to ensure that their dental hygiene is dealt with effectively.

The beautiful Burmese is known to be extremely social and likes to be close to their cat parents at all times. These friendly felines relish in human contact and enjoy being gently handled and petted. You will always need to be wary of your surroundings so that you do not end up stepping on your clingy kitty. Burmese are adaptable and can find comfort in any environment, as long as you are close by.

Interestingly enough with this breed, males and females have slightly different demeanors. Females are more inquisitive and will develop a stronger bond with you. On the other hand, a male kitty is quieter, but will want to constantly at your side.

These felines are extremely active and enjoy jumping, climbing and running. Engaging in interactive play with these rambunctious cats, is a super way to keep them stimulated and challenged. These curious kitties love to run after toys and will actually retrieve them to bring back to you for more play and fun. Sturdy and tall cat trees and cat condos with lots of platforms and levels will satisfy your Burmese’s need to burn energy and hone their athletic abilities. The wonderful Burmese lives well in a busy household with older children, singles and other pets. However, they are more comfortable sharing a home with their own breed.

Burmese cats were bred into existence in the United States, with the first ancestor actually originating in Burma (present day Myanmar). A medical doctor named Dr. Joseph Thompson who was working in Burma brought a cat named Wong Mau to the United States in 1930. Wong Mau was a dark brown in color and was mistaken for a dark Siamese. Dr. Thompson had the idea to breed this cat with a seal point Siamese to retain its attractive features. The litter resulted in different colored kittens with the brown kittens being the most desired coloring. The brown kittens were then bred with one another to produce the breed of the Burmese cat.

The Burmese cat breed is a rare beauty that will inevitably liven up your home, as well as your life.





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