The loveable domestic shorthair cat breed is a dependable cat that we can rely on to keep the bugs away, catch the mice, spend a quiet evening with, be a play buddy, or snuggle with while watching T.V. Domestic shorthairs come from a lineage of mixed breeds, giving each cat its own unique personality. Some may be more chatty or territorial than other shorthairs and of course, some may just be more affectionate and friendly than their other feline buddies. This large to medium sized feline can weigh up to 22 pounds and comes in over 60 colors. They also have various patterns, such as solids, different tabby patterns, calico, tortoiseshell etc. Their coat is thick, short and only requires a weekly grooming. These felines possess an undercoat to shield them from the winter weather and their coat will also thicken to provide added protection in the cold season as well.

Domestic shorthair cats are a strong, energetic cat that can potentially live up to 15 to 20 years. Therefore, be prepared to spend a long time with your beloved kitty. They are a hearty, adaptable breed and have very few health problems. However, Domestic Shorthairs are prone to gaining weigh easily if over fed. Controlled feedings with nutritional food is highly recommended for the Domestic Shorthair to keep them at an ideal and healthy weight. An investment in cat trees, cat condos and interactive toys will also aid in keeping them active so that they can burn off energy and calories, maintain necessary muscle mass and just enjoy themselves in a vertical environment. Often referred to as “Alley cats”, these good natured felines can entertain themselves and are fairly independent. They can endure spending time alone and will often explore by themselves in their own quiet way. Indoor cats however, will still need some interactive play since they are in the same environment day in and day out and require some form of stimulation.

This easy going cat is known to be creative and will often devise its own toy if one is not provided for them. Such as chase after a scrap of paper that’s lying on the floor, or knock a small accessory off your desk to kick around and hide in a shoe or tiny corner. Domestic shorthairs are the most popular of cat breeds for families and kids. They latch on to all members in a family and get along with dogs and other cats in a home. They are also an ideal cat for singles and first time cat owners. The history of the Domestic shorthair is that they most likely originated in Europe and were crossed with the British shorthair. Some believe they came over to the United States with Christopher Columbus, other believe they came with the Pilgrims. The intentional purpose for the breeding of the Domestic was to use them to kill rodents on ships and on farms. This “hunter” cat proved to be a valuable member of a farm household and ship crew and was eventually given the respect that it deserved. The domestic shorthair cat breed is a highly popular and varied cat, that is lively and very personable.





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