The siamese cat breed is originally comes from Thailand, where historically they were adored by royalty. It was believed that when a family member died, that their soul would be received by the cat. The cat would then enjoy a luxurious life in the temple, where it was cared for by the monks and priests. Several myths developed to try to explain their curious behavior. Their cross eyed look stems from a myth of a Siamese cat who guarded a royal vase by wrapping its tail around it, and staring intently at the vase. The development of tail kinks was attributed to a cat guarding the rings owned by a royal princess. The cat slid the rings onto its tail, and developed the kinks to hold onto the rings.

Siamese cats are very lovable, and inquisitive cats. They are characterized by their almond shaped eyes, a triangular shaped head, with a slender muscular body. These beautiful cats are known for their vocal communication and will definitely express themselves. If you do not feel like talking back, they are happy to carry out a one-sided conversation. These cats are very intelligent, and want to be an active part of your life, and will follow you around. They can appear to be stand off-ish, but this is only an act. These felines crave attention, but require a lot of patience and affection if they are to develop a close bond with their human partners.

These cats are very amorous and inquisitive. They love attention and enjoy interactive play on a constant basis. Play can be interactive or they can play with independent cat toys. The more outrageous the cat toy, the better for Siamese cats. These cats are born explorers, (aren’t all cats!) are athletic, graceful and love to climb. Siamese cats are also very vocal and like to “talk” with their owners. These social felines require companionship on a daily basis. It has been known that if they are kept alone for a couple days while you go on a mini-vacation, they can actually become sick due to stress. This breed comes in only 4 colors and one pattern (dark points on face, ears, paws and tail). Siamese cats will always be by your side and you will be sure to get lots of cuddles from this breed.





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