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As a cat owner, you may come home to find that there is a peculiar, unmistakable scent of urine in your apartment. You will automatically wonder why do cats spray. This type of behavior might be an indication that your cat is in a state of emergency and everything is not okay with her.

However, most of us fail to comprehend why do cats spray and how to deal with it and on most occasions we might think that this behavior is an indication of territorial marking; however, this is a not always the case. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to resolve the problem without understanding the cause behind it.

Indiscriminate Urination Vs Spraying

First of all, you must understand the difference between indiscriminate urination and spraying. Urinating outside the litter box does not always imply that she is spraying. While a cat can urinate indiscriminately on horizontal surfaces, spraying is typically performed against vertical objects although there may be some exceptions.

Moreover, the posture of the feline is not going to be the same while spraying. During this time, she will usually twitch her tail and tread using the front paws. Her eyes might also be closed while doing so. On the contrary, she will typically squat whenever she is urinating normally.

One particular reason for the cat to spray might be the fact that the litter box is not clean. However, there might also be some other reasons for the cat to display this behavior. She might be feeling stressed or might think that the litter box is not safe for her.

Bear in mind that a cat often sprays as a means of communication. It will be interesting to note that both males, as well as females, exhibit this behavior. You will get more information regarding the sprayer from the pheromones in urine spray. It will be wrong to think that spraying is some kind of bad behavior which your pet must avoid; remember that it is absolutely normal for any feline to spray, and you should not be too much concerned about it, though obviously you want to get her to stop.

Common Reasons Why Cats Spray

1. A cat might try to define the parameters for the other cats around him.

2. She might even spray the personal belongings of any of your near and dear ones to convey her adorable emotions.

3. She might even exhibit this behavior in case the person is behaving abnormally or something has changed in his routine

4. She might likewise think that the person is unsafe for her

5. Sometimes these furry creatures might also spray on new objects which they have not seen before

6. She might also indulge in this act in case she is unable to access another cat that might appear to be unsafe for her

7. Moreover, an anxious cat might also spray in case she finds the behavior of other individuals around her to be unfavorable

8. At times, cats are also known to perform this action to throw a challenge to another cat near her

9. A scared feline might also spray in case she does not find any humans or other cats around her

10. Lastly, they act in this way when searching for partners

We have observed this behavior in both confident as well as non-confident cats. Sometimes your pet might spray as a mark of celebration after defeating another cat following a confrontation. On the other hand, a cat who is less confident can spray to show aggression. She might try to alert other unfriendly cats close to her.

You will find information regarding age, status, as well as sex from the urine sprayed by the feline. This plays an important role so far as the communication between different cats is concerned, particularly when there is a possibility for the cat to get injured due to another cat.

However, it is important to bear in mind that all cats do not exhibit this behavior, and it is even possible to modify it by introducing new changes in her life, for example, a new partner, a new house, and so on. On the other hand, any adult male cat is sure to spray, and therefore, it will be sensible to get him neutered. By doing this, you will be almost ensured of stopping this kind of behavior.

How to Control Spraying

First of all, make it a point that your pet is neutered or spayed once she is approximately 6 months old. As a matter of fact, most of them will not exhibit this behavior if it is fixed early in their life.

Do not allow the feline to catch a glimpse of the outdoors. By seeing another cat, she will instinctively try to mark her territory which happens to be your residence. Moving the furniture away from the windows, covering the lower part of the windows, and pulling the curtains will definitely help your cause. Besides this, it will also be sensible to encourage your pet to play by providing her with a playing area within your house; this will definitely help her to divert her attention.

There might be some other cats in your house, and if it is so, make it a point that they develop a good rapport amongst themselves. Friendly cats are less likely to exhibit the behavior of spraying since they tend to be less competitive. Moreover, try to devote some time playing with your pets while giving equal attention to each of them. Allow them to have food and also sleep together and it will also be a smart idea to inspire them to groom one another.

Try to make your pets stick to a particular routine which will help them to reduce tension and anxiety. In fact, they might feel stressed by any changes within your household, for instance, new furniture, new individuals, and so on. Make it a point that your pet consumes food at the same time on a regular basis, and also provide her with a litter box as well as bed in appropriate areas.

In case your cat sprays, do not forget to clean the area comprehensively so as to prevent any remarking. There are several products on the market which make use of natural enzymes to destroy harmful bacteria and also eliminate the smell.

Why do Cats Spray Summary

Spraying is absolutely normal when it comes to cats (either male or female), and there is no reason for you to be panic-stricken in case your furry friend is doing so. Try to make your feline follow a particular routine which will definitely allow her to remain stress-free throughout the day.

Interestingly, most of the anxious cats exhibit this kind of behavior in order to either mark their territory or show their superiority over other cats. Also, neutering a male feline when he is 6 months old should help to alleviate this behavior.

As a pet parent, resolving the issue of your cat spraying can be problematic. Hopefully, by understanding why do cats spray, you can better resolve this issue.


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