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W e are all aware of the fact that cats tend to sleep a lot, and this is because of various factors including preserving energy and body warmth. Nevertheless, if you are a feline owner, you may discover you’re your furry friend prefers to sleep on top of you rather than on anything else. You may find this behavior odd and will wonder why does my cat sleep on me. There are some individuals who might find this behavior to be irritating although it depends entirely on their personal likings. There are some obvious reasons why your cat likes to sleep on you, and in this article, we are going to explain precisely that.


Reasons Why Your Cat Prefers to Sleep On You

It is known to all of us that cats hate sleeping in the cold during the winter months, and they look for warmth instead. Of course, nothing is better than slumbering indoors on top of their owner. This will provide them with the extra warmth and comfort since your body is a wonderful source of heat even in winter.

Felines are known to enjoy their nap anywhere whether it is under the sofa or even in the litter box. It has been observed that these creatures tend to sleep for about 16 hours on a regular basis, and they need to be comfy while doing so. Needless to say, your belly is going to provide the cat with the necessary comfort that he wants while sleeping, and it is even better than any cat bed.

Your pet loves to stay indoors throughout the day, and it is quite natural that he will prefer being by your side once you return home. Since he is not able to express his emotions by speaking or hugging, he tends to climb on you and convey his feelings. Make it a point to cuddle him in return while he falls asleep.

To a cat, none is more secure than his own master, and it is obvious that he will try to find a secure place while enjoying a nap. In fact, he is going to feel totally safe by curling by your side for hours together believing that no predators will attack him when he’s with you.

Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Bond With Your Feline

Bear in mind that although many felines will like to sleep on their masters particularly in winter, this decision is absolutely personal and you should allow him only if you feel comfortable when he’s on you. Below, we have provided some essential points to consider in case you will allow your cat to slumber on top of you.

Think whether it is worth to sacrifice your sleep at night only to provide some comfort to your adorable pet. There are some fortunate individuals who do not require sleeping more than a few hours. If you do fall into that category then you can definitely allow your cat to climb on you and sleep there.

It is also imperative to take into consideration whether sleeping with your pet is going to interrupt your slumber or not. It might be the fact that you are forced to get up from sleep while your friend jumps on your face in the dead of the night. Try to figure out whether you are comfy with that. If not, then it will be prudent to find some solution to avoid your pet while sleeping.

Another thing to consider is that whether your pet is happy sleeping on you. Try to figure out whether he loves your presence while slumbering and if so then why. Perhaps you are providing him with the necessary warmth that he needs when it is cold at night. Do not forget the fact that you also love to slumber on your bed alongside your loved ones instead of sleeping alone, and the same might be applicable in case of your cat as well.

It may be the fact that your pet needs special attention will sleeping. For instance, he might become exhausted after roaming around the house throughout the day and would like to have a break during nighttime by slumbering right on top of you. He might also prove to be an important factor for waking you up early in the morning thus allowing you to get prepared beforehand for spending the entire day.

How To Avoid Your Cat While Sleeping

If you find it irritable that your cat sleeps on you on a regular basis, there are certain solutions to help you avoid your furry friend at night. The solutions are as follows:

Make it a point to provide your pet with a comfortable and warm bed which will help to keep him safe and secure at night.

Ensure that your cat is getting the proper exercise as well as food prior to going to bed. For this, you can make him chase something that he would like to hunt. Also, offer him some yummy treats so that he feels at home. Do not forget to groom him before he goes to sleep.

Teach your cat to stay out of your bedroom at night. For this, you may simply shut the bedroom door; however, in case your pet scratches at the door and tries to get in, it will be sensible to place a baby gate somewhere in your dining room so that he does not feel like scratching the door anymore. Be sure to provide your feline with everything that he requires in the space where he will be sleeping up at night.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

After going through the above-mentioned facts, you will have a better understanding of why does my cat sleep on me. Before allowing your feline to sleep on you, try to figure out whether you also like your pet to stay in bed along with you and cuddle all through the night.

However, if you want to avoid your feline while sleeping, you can follow certain steps as mentioned above. Also, bear in mind that with the right arrangements and preparation, it will be possible for both of you to enjoy a long and peaceful sleep in each other’s company at night.


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