The beautiful and exotic bombay cat breed will steal your breath away as well as your heart. Bombays are a stocky yet muscularly built, medium sized cat that has a short, glossy coat which is an actual jet black color. Their signature trait is their copper colored eyes and slinky walk, which some people attribute to the sway like walk of the Indian black leopard. Bombays love to play and will often play fetch with its owners as you would with a dog. Interestingly enough, Bombays can be trained to walk on a leash just like a dog as well. Due to these canine like behaviors, they can be a great pet to get if you adore dogs.

This breed enjoys jumping, climbing and exercise, therefore a home with cat trees and perches is a necessity to keep the Bombay stimulated. Perches near windows are a must since these cats are curious and take pleasure in looking outside (as most cats are!). These felines are social by nature and like a lot of attention. They can be surprisingly vocal if they don’t get quality ‘kitty time’. This ‘kitty time’ can take the form of sleeping under the covers with you or sitting in your lap while you’re on the sofa, or just being petted gently no matter where you are in your home. Bombays get along quite well with all members in a household and won’t just tend to latch on to one person. They will actually seek attention from all member in its family! Therefore making it a true family cat. They typically do well with a first time cat family, family with kids and a multi-pet household.

Bombays are known to eat a lot, therefore controlled feeding is advisable in order for it not to become overweight. Cat trees, cat houses and toys are a wonderful aid in providing exercise for these felines to maintain its brawny built. The Bombay was created by an American breeder in 1950. This breeder wanted a cat that looked like a small leopard, particularly the characteristic qualities of the shiny, silky coat and gold eyes. The breeder decided to cross a Burmese with a black American Shorthair with copper colored eye cat. After several attempts the beautiful Bombay cat breed was created, the meaning of its name to signify a black leopard, which it of course resembles.





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