I t is not an easy thing to ignore your lovely cat when she is staring at you. In most cases, cats stare when they want something from us. A cat believes that when she stares at you, she can control your mind and probably force you to do what she wants. This may not be really true, but it feels to be true. Especially when you look up and your little friend is gazing at you. You may start to wonder why does my cat stare at me.


You also happen to be the source of her food. Cats are highly intelligent and know when it’s their feeding time. If your cat is staring at you, do you give her treats or some food? Guess what. You have been trained.

There are a number of reasons why your cat can be staring at you. It could be out of anger, frustration, love, or just simply hunger. It all depends on your cat’s attitude and how she is staring at you. This article examines the different reasons why your cat likes to stare at you.

Why Does My-Cat-Stare at Me

Cats are highly intelligent and complex creatures. You will find her staring at you for a long time without blinking or looking aside. Cats do this for various reasons, but in most cases, they are in need of something.

1. Thirsty or hungry – Maybe you cat want more water or food. So if she is hungry, she may come to where you are, sit down and try to get attention by staring at you. If you decide to get up to see what she wants, she will lead you to her empty dish. Keep in mind that cats are very intelligent, and they have many ways to get what they want. If she notices that you are not bothered by her staring at you, she can decide to meow, or even tap you.

2. Curiosity – My cat wants to know everything I do. Staring at me is a way of learning things we do. Cats are inquisitive; hence, it is their nature to try to understand what is happening in their territory. They want to know where every item is, where to hide in case of danger, and probably understand what you might be thinking. One of the best ways she can understand what is happening is to stare at you.

3. Feeling aggressive or defensive – Remember cats are very smart creatures. So when they notice something is unusual in the house, they will stare at us to access the situation. For example, if she sees a new pet or unfamiliar person in the house, she will stare at you because she feels insecure. She may be staring at you to pass a message that she is ready to defend themselves.

4. Reading your movement and moods – Once your cat notices you are angry or upset, she will try to understand what you are feeling to know how to comfort you. You may see her staring at you after an argument or after a long day away from home. She may also stare at you to avoid coming near you.

5. To show dominance – Just like any other creature, cats like to show dominance. And cats struggling for dominance would stare at you or other pets trying to send a message. She may stare at you and try to rub her cheeks against you, objects and other pets to mark their territory. Even though the scent smells the same to us, other pets can tell who dominates the area.

6. Want love & affection – Cats kisses, tail fluffs, and long stare are some of the best ways that cats show love to us. One of the best way a cat shows affection is through her eyes. It is an excellent indication that your cat enjoys and adores your company. You can tell your cat loves you by the kind of stare she gives you. The look expresses contentment, love, affection, relaxation, and trust.

7. Nothing – It might seem funny, but your cat might be staring at you for no good reason. A cat feels so relaxed and peaceful when staring forward. What the cat might be thinking, we have no idea. For example, my lovely cat may sit next to me and stares at the wall or relax in the opposite direction and just stare at me. If I decide to move, she may not be bothered by what am doing.

8. Medical reasons – There are several medical causes of staring. Some of the leading causes of staring include heart disease, kidney failure or untreated chronic problem. These problems can lead to dilated pupils that might make the cat seem like she is staring at you. Even though it is not common, it can happen. In most cases, you will notice the appearance of red-eye when the cat is staring at you. She could be in pain or distress. It is therefore essential to consult your vet for a check once you notice something unusual.

Why Does My Cat Stare at Me Summary

If your cat staring behavior is not a health issue, you can let her enjoy herself. However, there are numerous ways to limit staring if you are not comfortable with the habit. Trying to curtail the behavior as early as possible so it does not become routine.

You can interrupt the action by redirecting your cat to do something different. Obviously, do not frighten her. Another way is recognizing what could be causing her to stare at you for so long. If she does not look stressed or fearful, let her relax.


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