Keeping your home safe for your pets is of primary importance as a pet parent. You certainly don’t want your pet to get hurt, or eat something that will make them sick. Here are a few ideas regarding how to maintain a pet friendly home:

Have pet friendly plants

Pets are curious creatures and will tend to sniff and may bite something that is unique and different to them. Cats more so than dogs/puppies will bite plants out of sheer excitement if it resembles string or ribbon or some other playful object. Pets may chew on plants if they are feeling sick and just want some relief. Providing pots of approved herbs or plants is one way to ensure that your pet will not get become ill. You can put these plants in easy to access areas. For those owners who love fancy plants and colourful flowers, ensure that you put them in hard to reach places and clean up any dried leaves or debris that so that your pet won’t accidentally ingest them. Please be mindful of common houseplants such aloe vera, and bouquet flowers, such as azaleas, begonias, and daffodils are dangerously toxic to cats and dogs.

Keep sharp objects off tables

When pets have a lot of energy they like to run around and chase after toys and objects. While they run, they tend to jump onto furniture and table/counter tops. If there is a sharp cutting knife sitting beside your chopped veggies or a pair of opened scissors lying near a stack of papers, your pet can seriously hurt themselves, where they may need medical attention. Birds who fly loose in a home for exercise, can accidentally perch on a hot or sharp lighting fixture or hanging accessory. Pet proof your home by keeping sharp utensils, tools and the like in a place that you know that your pet can never get into, such as a locked cupboard, box, drawer or dishwasher.

Keep your home clean

If you home has air borne irritants such as dust, this can impact your pets’ health. They may start sneezing or possibly develop some type of respiratory problem. Indoor cats are constantly grooming themselves, and if they reside in an unclean home they end up ingesting the unsanitary debris that is on their fur. Sometimes pets will eat food that has fallen off the floor and if the floor is dirty then they could get sick. We all want our pets to stay healthy and to avoid any unnecessary vet bills.
Allow your pets to get adequate fresh air – When the weather is warm it’ a simple enough task to put your pets outside in a secured area for them to some fresh air. In the winter months, opening a window or putting them on a porch or balcony for a couple minutes may not be possible due to extremely cold temperatures. Investing in an air purifier is a good way to provide clean air for a pet and also for you too.

Clean litter daily

Cleaning a litter box on a regular basis depending on how many pets you have, is a good way to ensure no odors get in to the air. For finicky cats, if their litter box is not cleaned adequately they will end up going to the washroom in another area of your house or right on your clean floor or carpet.

Have a soft bed

Cats and dogs need a comfortable area to sleep and relax. A soft and cushiony bed or mat provides a place of security for them and also support for their bones and joints. Another bonus is that it keeps them off your bed and their fur can accumulate in one place which makes the pet cleaning chore a little bit easier.